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Staff Passes

Volunteer Staff Passes

Once you have settled in as a volunteer and have been attending reguarly over a period of time (usually six months and/or a minimum number of turns) and subject to your Head of Department's (HoD) agreement, you will become eligible for a Volunteer Staff Pass.

The Pass (normally issued yearly) recognises your status as a current active volunteer and shows your name, photograph and the name of your main (ie Parent) Department. It entitles you (alone) to travel without charge on any SVR train during normal service and whilst in the course of your duties.

Passes are issued by the Membership Department based at Comberton Place, Kidderminster and not by the VLO. Should you not have a pass, your first your first line of enquiry should be to your HoD and not to the Membership Department. The Membership Department will not issue a pass without the authority of your HoD.

The pass also contains a QR code, which when scanned with a suitable device (eg smart phone/tablet) will show all the details held for you (including skills/competencies) on the SVR staff database. You will need to self register for access to this facility - see the Downloads page for a step by step guide.

You will be asked to show the pass on occasions, usually when travelling on the trains. It does not entitle anyone else (inc guests) to travel for free, neither does it give you access to the line or the lineside.

Retired Volunteer Passes

For those volunteers who have completed 15 years continuous service, Retired Volunteer Passes are issued on the instruction of the Head of Department where the volunteer has been based active, and is about to retire from active service either through age, ill health or perhaps moving home.  A pre-requisite is that all holders must be members of the Railway.

Please read the full Terms & Conditions for more information.



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