Welcome to the Severn Valley Railway Volunteer Liaison Office


Although immortallity is the wish of many, mortality is a fact we all have to face and it is when this time arrives that the Severn Valley Railway may be able to help loved ones during their grieiving period.
The requests for help in this direction are many and varied as a result of which it has been decided to outline what the Railway can offer relatives.
Station Furniture.
The purchase of benches, trees, tubs etc., in memory of a loved one are not encouraged as all stations are oversubscribed in connection with these. There are, however, many projects being underaken by the railway and its supporters any of whom would welcome a coontribution equivalent, say, to what was proposed for a favourite station. In the rare event of a Station Master agreeing to accept, for example, a bench, this must be in accordance witih the heritage aspect of the SVR. The VLO can advise  in this connection as they have details of specialist suppliers.
Scattering of Ashes.
Due to the many requests we receive for ashes dispersal it is regretted that we can only offer this facility via the locomotive chimney. If it is the wish that a loved one's ashes should be scatteredat a favourite location, provided this is accessible by train, then appropriate arrangements can be made.
In this connection rain crews are chosen for the event sothat we request at least 10 working days notice. It is suggested that a weekday be chosen when the railway, apart from gala days, is a little quiter that at weekends and thus a level of dignity can be attached to thte occasion.
Many relatives cannot identify a favourite location and quite often choose Victoria Bridge when the ashes are scattered over the River Severn, the railway and the surrounding woods.
Providing 10 tickets are purchased on the day, no further charges will apply. Purchases  beneath this figure will attract a nominal donation of £50.00. This is payable to Severn Valley Railway Ltd, the Board which supports the volunteers.
Memorial Plaques.
At this time there are no facilities for memorial plaques on the Railway, but it is hoped that a new facility being investigated at one of the railway locations may enable us to offer this service in due course.
Book of Remembrance.
A Book of Remembrance dedicated to volunteers, paid staff and those wishing to be remembered is siuated at The Engine House. The format is maximum of one quarter page per person where comments and personal tributes can be inserted, including mention of any project supported and donation made.
Access to the book is either by arrangement or on the anniversary of the death when the book is open.
Applications for entries in the book should be made to the VLO.
No charges are made for insertions byt donations to the Engine House are always appreciated.
Useful Contacts:
Volunteer Liasion Office with voicemail 01299 401776
Email: vlo@svrlive.com.
Engine House 01746 862387