Welcome to the Severn Valley Railway Volunteer Liaison Office


Although immortality is the wish of many, mortality is something we all have to face. It is when this time arrives that the Severn Valley Railway may be able to help the loved ones of a volunteer during their grieving period.
The requests for help at this time are many and varied, as a result of which it has been decided to outline what the Railway can offer.
Station Furniture
The purchase of benches, trees, tubs etc., in memory of a loved one is not encouraged as all stations are oversubscribed in connection with these. There are, however, many projects being undertaken by the railway and its supporters any of which would welcome a contribution equivalent, say, to what was proposed for an item at a favourite station. In the rare event of a Station Master agreeing to accept, for example, a bench, this must be in accordance with the heritage aspect of the SVR. The VLO can advise in this connection as they have details of specialist suppliers.
Scattering of Ashes
Due to the many requests we receive for ashes dispersal it is regretted that we can only offer this facility via the locomotive chimney. If it is the wish that a loved one's ashes should be scattered at a favourite location, provided this is accessible by train, then appropriate arrangements can be made.