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The Severn Valley Venturer

The Severn Valley Venturer Cooks and serves a four course lunch each Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday during the main running season (March to October). This is served on the return journey between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth departing at 12:45 or 13:00 depending on the timetable.

Stewards, who lay up the tables, serve the food by silver service, clear the tables and generally look after the diners.

Chief Stewards, who do the same as the Stewards but also supervise the running of the operation, prepare the bills and collect and account for the takings.

Wine Waiters who serve the diners with wine and other beverages during the meal. They also supply the Chief Steward with details of sales to be put on the customers' bills. The Wine Waiter will usually double-up as a Steward during the later stages of the meal.

Pantry Staff, who provide a valuable back-up service by preparing some of the dishes for serving, washing-up and putting away the crockery etc. (quite a lot gets generated by 42 diners!).

Cooks and Assistant Cooks, who prepare the soup, meat, vegetables and sweets and supply them to the Stewards for serving. The kitchen is staffed by a cook and an assistant cook.

The day starts at Bridgnorth at about 10:00. Staff usually work the two round trips, finishing at about 18:00.As the work keeps the staff busy throughout the lunchtime, a staff meal is supplied on the train later in the afternoon for a small charge.


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BR Mk1 Open First 3103 in service on the Severn Valley Venturer diner.