Welcome to the Severn Valley Railway Volunteer Liaison Office


Permanent Way

The permanent way department is responsible for our track. This includes all maintenance, line inspection, hedging and fencing. There is a track laying gang consisting of full time and volunteer staff working out of Bridgnorth with a purely maintenance section based at Bewdley. Volunteers can either work with a gang, singly or in pairs. For those who enjoy the outdoor life there are few railway occupations to challenge this department.

Working on the Permanent Way includes:

Line Walking: Inspect the track twice a week and look for concerns such as broken sleepers or fishplates, dropped joints, damaged rails and fences, open gates, fire damage and flooded track.

Regular gangs deal with a range of maintenance jobs such as fishplate oiling, lifting and packing of joints, sleeper changing, track ballasting and vegetation management.


PW replacing sleepers at Bewdley Station