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Locomotive Department

This heading includes all forms of locomotive power i.e. steam and diesel. Diesels are listed on a separate page. The department is divided into two segments i.e. operating for footplate crews and maintenance.


Training for footplate work as a fireman then driver takes many years and is judged by attendance, attitude and expertise.

Everyone has to start on the bottom rung of the ladder which involves cleaning both locomotives and around the sheds - for example clearing inspections pits, disposal of ash etc.

After a satisfactory period the next step is fire lighting and so on until the volunteer's goal is achieved. Footplate work requires course attendance followed by examination and is subject to completion of a satisfactory medical.

Motive Power Department - Mechanical

This section covers the restoration, overhaul and maintenance of locomotives and is primarily Bridgnorth based although some work is carried out at Bewdley. Both skilled and unskilled volunteers can work in this department with tasks ranging from machining parts to painting the "finished article".

For more information please download the MPD Briefing which can be found on our downloads page.

Clothing for Footplate Crews.

Bib and Brace and Jackets can be ordered via the VLO office by completing the order form listed on the downloads page.

Please note that we can only supply clothing to our own volunteers as these prices are discounted by the railway.

Bib & Brace  £15

Jackets        £15 


 Page updated 16/04/19

Some of the tasks Loco crew have to carry out as well as driving and firing the loco include oiling around the motion at the beginning of the day.

Machining new parts is a vital task for any heritage line, as new parts are simply not available as they once were.