Welcome to the Severn Valley Railway Volunteer Liaison Office


The Diesel Groups

The Severn Valley Railway plays host to a number of diesel locomotives, mostly looked after by support groups run by volunteers. The majority of restoration and maintenance work is undertaken at Kidderminster in the Diesel Depot opened in 2016 with some at Bridgnorth. The groups are, the Fifty Fund, The Diesel Traction Groups and The Western Locomotive Association. You do not need to be technically minded to belong for there are plenty of cleaning, and painting jobs to be done and assistants are always required to help carry, lift, hold and fetch. These jobs may not be glamorous but you will learn the basics of diesel locomotive operation/maintenance whilst helping out. 

The Fifty Fund

The Fifty Fund was founded in 1989 with the object of preserve a British Railways (BR) class 50 (or English Electric type 4) locomotive in working order. At that time it seemed unlikely that many of these complex engines would be saved. Kidderminster is home to the fund with their locomotives being regularly used on summer Saturdays as well as on the Railtrack mainline.

The Western Locomotive Association

The Western Locomotive Association (WLA) operate two Class 52 'Western' diesel hydraulic Locomotives, D1013 'Western Ranger' and D1062 'Western Courier'. Both locomotives are currently based at Bridgnorth and their locomotives are used regularly on summer Saturdays

The Diesel Traction Group

The DTG operate a two locomotives on the Severn Valley Railway, namely D821 'Greyhound' and D1015 'Western Champion'. As with the other groups these locomotives work on the railway during the summer season.


The Diesel Multiple Unit(DMU)

The DMU is a five car heritage class 108 unit and operates from May to September on selected Saturday evenings from Bewdley to Bridgnorth with an optional fish and supper at Bridgnorth. In addition a buffet and bar are available.

Volunteer work on the unit in ranges from maintenance to serving in the bar and dining car. Dress code applies for this role.