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About the Severn Valley Railway


Services run every weekend of the year and daily at peak times (see the timetable for details). Our Santa special trains on weekends in December with a daily service operating from Boxing Day through to the New Year.

What constitutes the Severn Valley Railway?

It is a full-size standard-gauge line running regular passenger trains for the benefit of tourists and enthusiasts alike between Kidderminster in Worcestershire and Bridgnorth in Shropshire, a distance of 16 miles. The journey is full of interest, for the route follows closely the meandering course of the River Severn for most of the way; one highlight of the trip is the crossing of the river by means of the Victoria Bridge - a massive 200-foot single span, high above the water. There being few roads in the valley, some of the views are only visible from the Railway; the scenery is varied and largely unspoiled, punctuated by the quaint old world charm of country stations, each one giving ready access to local villages and riverside walks.

Victoria Bridge in High Summer

Stainer 8F at Bewdley

Stanier 8F 48773 at Bewdley, the 8F's were once common on coal trains to Alveley and Highley.

The Second Loco to arrive on the SVR, 46443 has spent more years on the Severn Valley (1967 - Present) than it ever did with BR (1951-1967).




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