Welcome to the Severn Valley Railway Volunteer Liaison Office


Are you aged 14 - 16?

All 14-16 year olds volunteering on the Severn Valley Railway have to be mentored on a 1:1 basis as part of our insurance requirements.  Consequently it has been decided to reduce the number of 14/16 year olds in most departments, particuarly the motive power departments  to two  at any one time.  Priority is also given to our Junior Club members once they reach 14.

Consequently, there are usually only a very few positions available. Please contact the Volunteer Office on 01299 401776 or email us at vlo@svrlive.com for advice/availability.











Bridgnorth Station Staff

Kyles maintains a clean Platform 1 at Bewdley’
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SVR Apprenticies

Tom Eades on platform duty at Kidderminster Station.
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